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What Inspires You?

I seem to have lost my crafting inspiration. I look into my beautiful new craft closet, all nicely organized with yarn on display, and feel nothing. Nada. No desire, no urge, no inspiration. I look at my etsy shop, closing in on the number of items I want to carry, and feel nothing. Nada. No desire, no urge, no inspiration. Just nothing. Same with my beloved to do lists, blog, facebook, twitter… the list goes on.

Well, maybe nothing doesn’t quite describe the feeling since it is not an empty pit feeling. It is more of a lack of inspiration mixed with more than a touch of guilt. Guilt that I should be crafting. Guilt that this is my dream and my goal. Guilt that I have incredible opportunities to grow my business right now and yet I am doing nothing. Not a thing.

I’ve tried taking a break, in hopes that inspiration would return after some healthy distance. I’ve tried forcing myself in hopes that I would enjoy it and the desire would come back. I’ve tried looking at old projects in hopes of having old feelings return. And yet nothing. Not a thing.

I’m at an in-pass here and need to do something to move forward again. Any suggestions? What do you do to get your inspiration back?