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Etsy Hidden Treasures of the Week: Household

I just moved into a new apartment on Friday and have been on a hunt for household odds and ends for weeks now. Well, are plates considered odds and ends? Here are some of my Etsy household favorites:

I know these are too girly to be approved, but I love these Corning plates. The flowers! The blue! Melts my heart a little

wedding heart pillow

This might have been created for the Royal Wedding, but she will custom make one for the wedding in your life

christian coasters love

I have been waiting a long time for a post to feature this lovely shop. They have so many great items that this set is just the tip of the iceberg. Go check it out- you can thank me later.

What have you found on Etsy for your home?


Etsy’s Hidden Treasure of the Week- Sweet Babies

What is it about the size of an item that can just make it so cute? Shoes can be cute, but when they are itty bitty baby shoes they are automatically adorable. You hear “awww” coming out of your mouth before you know it. What could be more fun than looking for undiscovered shops with baby and toddler items? Here are some of my favorites:

baby toddler pink hat flowers

I don't know if if the little girl or the hat are more adorable!


brown polka dot baby shoes

How adorable are these shoes? I just need a baby to fill them...


baby toddler headband flower

Oh come on! Too cute for words!


Etsy’s Hidden Treasure of the Week is a weekly feature of shops with fifty sales or less. Please help out the feature shops by clicking on their items and sharing them with friends and family! And as always, let me know what fabulous finds you discover on Etsy!

Etsy’s Hidden Treasure of the Week- Jewelry, Part 2

This is a continuation of last week’s post on undiscovered jewelry shops on Etsy. To be honest, I am having a hard time limiting this to just two weeks. There are so many talented, unique, and original jewelry shops on Etsy that is it hard to choose just a few. I am sure this is a theme will be revisit in the future. Today we are going to focus on unique undiscovered jewelry shops. Welcome to the treasure hunt!

decoupae bangle bracelet

This one of a kind bangle bracelet was decoupaged with a Turkish comic strip. I certainly don't know anyone with anything quite like it!

poppy earrings brass

These poppy earrings were shaped by hand, creating a unique look for each set. Simple yet beautiful

crocheted watch band unique

This crocheted watch band is so creative! I love the combination of the black crochet with the silver watch face.

Thank you to all of these shops for creating such beautiful, unique jewelry! Please show them your support of their craft by sharing their work with others who might enjoy it. And as always, please let me know what treasures you find on Etsy!

A Little Beauty

Ok, I know it is Thursday, and it is Shop Success day, not Hidden Treasure day. BUT I just came across this Fabulous little shop with really unique jewelry that I just had to share with you!

brass and glass earrings

earrings yellow white sunnysideI love their style and artistic creativity. But even more I love their motivation behind their shop (in their own words):

We’re Kevin & Jess, a husband & wife team of artists. Most of our adult lives so far have been spent putting our artistic dreams on hold for… well, everything else in life.

The Backburner Studio is a dream finally awakening to reality. It’s all of our creativity, hope, and lives… fresh off the backburner.

I encourage you to go over and take a look at the unique pieces they have to offer. Heart items, visit their blog, or send them a message of encouragement! Or maybe even buy those fantastic glass ball earrings!

Etsy’s Hidden Treasure of the Week- Jewelry, Part 1

Jewelry is one of the largest categories on Etsy (over 2 million items listed as I write this). For shop owners selling jewelry, it is very easy to feel like a very small fish in a very big pond. So many great jewelry artists are selling on Etsy that I have decided to take these next two weeks to highlight a few of the great undiscovered shops. Enjoy

austism awareness cuff bracelet

I love how fun this bracelet/cuff looks! And the story behind it makes this piece even better. Click on the image to visit her shop and learn more.

Green pendant sterling silver

I love the simple style of this pendant. It would compliment almost any outfit.

flower bracelet charm pendant accessory

This flower charm bracelet is right up my alley! Simple, beautiful, and blue! What more could a girl want?

funky pendant flower brass

One of my favorite shops for creative, original jewelry!

Thank you to all of the show owners for creating such beautiful jewelry, and believing in your art enough to list it on Etsy! Looking forward to great things for each of you.

Please show these fantastic artists your support by sharing their pieces with others!

Etsy’s Hidden Treasures of the Week- Spring Green

Spring green is just one of my all time favorite colors. It just makes the world a happier place. This week’s top four spring green hidden treasures on Etsy (because I couldn’t pick just three!):

spring green pin cushion

Everyone should have a pin cushion this breath-taking!
green flower headband

Green, flowers, and a headband? Someone read my mind!
spring wreath green flowers yarn

Not your grandma’s wreath! So chic and beautiful

crochet bunny spring green blue

How cute is this little guy??

Support these wonderful growing shops! They have beautiful pieces that they put their hearts in to making. So spread the word about these up and coming etsy shops. And as always, if you find a spectacular shop with under 50 sales, let me know so we can get the word out about the hidden treasure!

Etsy’s Hidden Treasures of the Week- Fun and Functional

Deep in the heart of every woman, of every creator, is the desire to make the world beautiful. Today we celebrate those women who make the every day items in our lives beautiful.

bird potholders quilted

These potholders would add some beauty and color to any kitchen!

passport cover black and white

I love the simple beauty of this passport color. Because sometimes the world just looks better in black and white!

hobo purse handbag

This bag really brings beauty to life! Beautiful colors. And finally a bag to hold it all!

Thanks to all of you for helping me find such beautiful hidden treasures! As always, please pass along the special beauties that you find.