Shop Success: Priorities

A few months ago I voluntarily inherited the OKetsy team. At first I was sharing the responsibilities with two other people. The three of us very quickly became the two of us. And then, the week before I was getting married and going to Joplin for a month, two became one… me. A wonderful fellow etsy-er agreed to step up and help while I was gone. I cannot begin to describe my relief. She has continued to help me out since then. And then this week, she tells me is closing her shop indefinitely to make her family her priority. While I wholeheartedly support her decision and applaud her for it, I definitely felt the two became one again…

I have thought a lot about priorities over the last few days. Where are my priorities exactly? In what areas do I need to step up in? Do I have too many balls to juggle right now? How can I make sure that everything gets done, and done well? Oh and get sleep! There is always more that I want to do, more that I could do, more that I should to do.  But the question is what do I really need to do?

The more business/shop success articles that you read, the more things you will begin to think are really important for you to do. Soon you can start to feel like a hamster running all day on a wheel but getting no where. And worse still, you might be leaving the most important things untouched.

I challenge you to start thinking about your priorities. What are things in your life that you can’t live without? (Family, friends, pets, food, etc) What are things that you have to do? (Laundry, work, pay bills, etc) What are things that you need to do to stay sane and healthy? (Exercise, read, pray, etc) What are things that you like to do? (Watch movies, paint nails, go for walks, etc) Make a list, and make sure to include things from each category. We can get everything done that we have to do, but still be out of balance if we don’t include some things that we like to do.

Priorities allow us to focus on what is really important in our lives. It is essential to prioritize if you are going to have a successful shop… or life!


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