Monthly Archives: September 2011

Just Being Me

There are a bunch of local bars in the neighborhood where I live. Most of them have a retro or upscale feel to them. The buildings are well maintained and have interesting architecture and design. But this one bar really just looks like a whole in the wall. You know, the kind of bar you would expect to see in a student ghetto? No windows, no decoration, no class. Simply put, it looks out of place. I found myself wondering the other day why this bar doesn’t do something to make itself look more appealing to the eye. Why not renovate so you fit in with the rest of the neighborhood? I started thinking about how their business would bring in wealthier customers, and therefore bring in more money. But then it dawned on me that my assumption may not be correct.

You see, this people who run this bar know who they are as a business. They know that their bar appeals to a certain group of people, and they are not ashamed of that. They fit into an aspect of society. And perhaps if they renovated their bar to appeal to a different group of people, they would no longer succeed. They may fit into the neighborhood better if they renovated, but they would be competing with local bars for the same group of people.

As small businesses (and humans in general), it is too easy to try to fit in to a mold instead of standing out as ourselves. While it is smart business to follow certain consumer trends and fashions, we do not want to change who we are in order to appeal to another group of people. We will just end up competing with other businesses for the same group of people, while leaving our original clientele without a business to serve them. And most importantly we lose sight of ourselves and our originality in the process. We are creators, not copiers. We cannot be afraid to be who we are, because really that is when we will be at our best. At the end of the day, I will succeed by just being me.


What Inspires You?

I seem to have lost my crafting inspiration. I look into my beautiful new craft closet, all nicely organized with yarn on display, and feel nothing. Nada. No desire, no urge, no inspiration. I look at my etsy shop, closing in on the number of items I want to carry, and feel nothing. Nada. No desire, no urge, no inspiration. Just nothing. Same with my beloved to do lists, blog, facebook, twitter… the list goes on.

Well, maybe nothing doesn’t quite describe the feeling since it is not an empty pit feeling. It is more of a lack of inspiration mixed with more than a touch of guilt. Guilt that I should be crafting. Guilt that this is my dream and my goal. Guilt that I have incredible opportunities to grow my business right now and yet I am doing nothing. Not a thing.

I’ve tried taking a break, in hopes that inspiration would return after some healthy distance. I’ve tried forcing myself in hopes that I would enjoy it and the desire would come back. I’ve tried looking at old projects in hopes of having old feelings return. And yet nothing. Not a thing.

I’m at an in-pass here and need to do something to move forward again. Any suggestions? What do you do to get your inspiration back?

And We’re Back!

After a summer hiatus, the shop and blog are back up and going! Keep your eye out for new features and posts. I’d give you a hint, but what would the fun be in that?

Until then, check out these handmade beauties by a new Etsian:

silver pearl crochet earrings

Handmade by Katie of Sprtizy Fitzy.