Shop Success: Breaking Bad Habits

Hi, my name is Dara, and I am a Craftopolis addict. Since I opened my shop almost four months ago, I have looked at my views and hearts on Craftopolis several times a day. I agonize over why my view counts are not higher. I wonder what I could do differently to interest more people in my products. And when view counts do increase, I agonize over what exactly it is that I did differently. Was it the time that I listed an item? Was it the number of items that I listed and relisted? Did Stumbleupon help today? The mental list goes on and on. The agonizing led to frustration, which in turn led to burn out. The shop was supposed to be a fun, creative outlet for me, not a source of stress and frustration!

Then I came across this article on Handmadeology. I stewed over it for a couple of days. The more I thought about it, the more that I realized that this is great advice for me. I do not have an Etsy shop in order to make a living or even to supplement my income. I do this because I love it and I want to share love with others. The success of my shop can only be found in doing those two things well. So my shop success mantra is:

Create what you love
List when you can
Ignore views                                                                                     Be grateful for ANY sales because they mean someone thought enough of your work to want to own it.

I have been Craftopolis sober for five days now after quitting cold turkey. So far the withdrawal symptoms have been minimal!

What is your shop success advice?


3 responses to “Shop Success: Breaking Bad Habits

  1. Excellent advice to keep in mind!

  2. Wowow! Handmadeology also had a great article giving the advice not to babysit the computer more than giving time to yourself and your craft – after all, the customer service in our business won’t suffer if we go from checking Etsy 5x a day to 1x a day – in fact, it might make for a better routine! They say all the mental/physical time wasted checking and re-checking is a waste of ‘labor.’ Totally true! I check my Etsy/Ebay less now, and spend more time making new things and taking photos and, like your mantra says, listing when I can!

  3. I love your new Mantra and I would like to adopt it! I haven’t made a sale yet so I will still use the hearts and likes to motivate me and help me not give up. Good luck with your craftopolis withdrawal and your shop!

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