Things I’ve Noticed In the Hunt for Treasure

In my search for hidden treasure on Etsy, I have noticed some trends in larger shops on Etsy in contrast to the undiscovered shops. It has made me think about how I run my own shop, and changes that I need to make in order to become successful. These aren’t hard set rules, because there are always the exception shop on both sides, but more things to think on and consider.

  1. Prices are generally higher in stores with more sales. The seller puts  more value put on the item because s/he knows other people value it as well. It has been hard for me to realize that someone actually wants to pay money for an item that I designed and created. But how I view my shop determines how others will view it as well. This is not about ripping buyers off, but rather giving ourselves the best possibility to succeed while giving our customers the best product possible.
  2. Photos are more professional looking in more successful shops. I think this is something we all know, but is always a good reminder to keep working on. I love looking at more successful shops to inspire me to make my photography better.
  3. Items for sale in more successful shops fit into some kind of trend.  We make things we love, but if we are to sell items, we need to make items that others love as well. I’m not talking about selling our creative souls here, but merely paying attention to what niche market our items fit into and then marketing to it specifically.
  4. Shops with a high number of sales have spent a significant amount of time on etsy. I have seen very few overnight successes on etsy. When I am feeling discouraged, I like to go take a look at larger shops’ first sales. Many times they started off in a similar place to where I am now. Anything worth doing takes work- and time! If we want to be successful long term, then we have to commit to being in it for the long haul.

This is the first of a new series post on shop success. I am hoping that each post will inspire and encourage us all to keep working towards great success!


3 responses to “Things I’ve Noticed In the Hunt for Treasure

  1. I am particularly taken by your comment that successful sellers have spent time on etsy.
    There are so many television programmes that give the illusion of ‘instant’ success. One day you are a complete unknown, the next your win X-Factor (or whatever).
    The reality is that the vast majority of successful people have put in a great deal of time and effort.

  2. Number 4, for sure! It really is enlightening to go look at the first few sales of more successful shops: often they start a few weeks or even months in, and come very sparsely before starting to pick up.

  3. I LOVE your blog! And your observations are right on. I’ve learned so much about social networking, marketing and photography since starting my business and using Etsy. You just never stop learning because there’s always room for improvement.

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