One Week…

In one week, I will be riding through the night to get here:

gulfport beach

Beautiful Gulfport, Mississippi.  Really, despite the picturesque beach, it isn’t that beautiful of a place. Quite the opposite actually. But there is something about a place that has rooted itself inside of your heart that makes you see it through rose-colored glasses. Love is funny that way.

I spent almost three years living on the Coast. They were the most trying and growing years of my life so far. And yet I am so thankful that I had those experiences; they have helped shape my life in a way I never imagined.

So in one week I will pack up the dog, hit the road, and spend a long weekend in the place where I came into adulthood.  I will rejoice in the rebuilding process, reminisce about the hard times, and reunite with people I love.  And most of all, I will celebrate with my church family the opening of its first church building.

new building family worship center gulfport

Words can’t even express how beautiful of a sight that is to me. Only 7 more days….


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