Etsy’s Hidden Treasures of the Week

Etsy’s Hidden Treasures is a weekly feature that highlights undiscovered shops. My hope is to help people like YOU to find some of the wonderful pieces on etsy that sometimes get hidden in the mix of it all.

embroidered pillow vintage fabric upcycle

For the vintage cottage of my dreams...

purple porcelein treasure dish handmade

I love the detail on these little flowers. Would be great for a ring or trinket holder.

Baby hat for photo prop

As sweet as can be! What a great photo prop.

Won’t you help spread the love for these hard working shop owners? Tell a friend or two about the treasures you found on etsy today!

Do you know of any fantastic shops that you would like to see highlighted? Please leave a comment or send me a message so I can check them out! Join me in the treasure hunt!


4 responses to “Etsy’s Hidden Treasures of the Week

  1. All 3 are beautiful, I can’t even pick which one is my favourite! Definitely checking out these stores 🙂

  2. Thank you for including my pillow! :^) What an adorable baby! I love the Queen Ann’s Lace art bowl!! I’m honored to be chosen and featured with such classy pieces.

  3. Totally in love with that bowl!

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