I love you, Google

cowgirl baby

custom kitchenaid

georgette trilere

yarn gradation

Those are the keywords that brought people to my etsy shop yesterday. I sell crochet and felt accessories. I don’t even know who Georgette Trilere is, if it even is a person. And quite honestly I had to look up what yarn gradation really entailed. As for a custom kitchenaid, well, I don’t own one let alone sell one.

Remember those Bing commercials when it was first being promoted? People would ask a question to a friend, and the friend would spit out random pieces of information that were not even related? And yet how true is that in our world of internet searches.

Trust me, I use Google for everything… and I do mean everything! How to get out grass stains out of my roommate’s pillowcase that I accidentally stepped on, if too much potassium could be causing my resident to hallucinate, why that lady in the movie looks so familiar. And those were just within the past few days. I’ve been a Gmail user since almost the beginning. Google maps is almost as essential as my GPS. And my Google Reader is like servant I never had, but always wanted. Google and I are good friends. Maybe even a little codependent.

But some days, I can see that Google has a little improving to do. Today is one of those days.


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